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The Top 5 Oswego Sunsets of This Semester

One of the best things about Oswego are the amazing sunsets displayed over Lake Ontario. Being a bit of a sunset aficionado, the sunsets are definitely my favorite part of my college’s location and they never disappoint. Last fall I moved to a lakeside dorm and it has been an absolute blessing. I love having the lake as my backyard and getting to see the sunsets whenever I want (and when the weather permits).

In honor of Earth Day earlier this week, I decided to scroll through my Instagram feed and pick out my five favorite sunset shots from the semester. This first shot is from the very beginning of this semester, taken in late January. It was the first sunset I saw for the spring semester, and was definitely a good one. The gorgeous mix of pink, orange and blue was the perfect background for the ice caps off the shoreline. It was also a sight grand enough to get me excited about being back after winter break. While technically the actual sunset was happening to the left of this picture, I have to admit that the effect the sunset had on the clouds further to the right was a lot more exciting. I love the colors and the way that the waves looked, crashing into (more) ice caps. This was taken in February.

Here is another shot taken during February. Obviously not even the cold winter months can keep me from checking out the sunsets. I usually like to get as close to the shore as I can when I take pictures, but the trees made a really great dark contrast to the vibrant color of the sky. It was an opportunity too good to pass up on.This shot is a lot more recent, taken in early April. I like the way that the branches seem to frame the sun, and I absolutely love the way the beams of light look.Finally, we have my most recent shot, taken in the middle of May. This one I actually got down on the rocks for, to get an up-close look at the sun’s decent. The sky was lit up, and the way that the sun seemed to color the usually murky looking water was absolutely gorgeous.

I am a double major in Bussiness Administration and Creative Writing, with a minor in Economics. As well as being a writer/editor for Her Campus, I am the President of Oswego's Women in Business club. I love superheroes, sunsets, flannels, and a good cup of tea. 
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