The Time I Cut My Hair to be in a Musical

I cut my hair so I could be in a musical. Yes, I went from having long hair that went to the middle of my chest, to the spunky bob that now touched my jawline. Last semester I was cast in the musical Fun Home as the humorous role of John, the youngest brother, which lead to my big chop.

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I'm a self conscious person- which basically means that the idea of cutting my hair was heart wrenching. I have never been one to like haircuts, not even a little, and if anything you could say I feared them. I was the kid that would not only dislike haircuts, but sob afterwards because no matter the length, it was always too short.

(Photo of my hair before the chop)

Going into the spring semester, I was fully aware of my impending doom; not a day went by where I didn’t ask someone if I would look nice with short hair. At the start of my hair journey I was told that the cut would only be to my shoulders, which was still drastic but not the end of the world. Well that idea went out the window when I was informed that I only had the time of spring break to get a jawline length bob. 

Now to the average person having a week to get a haircut is very typical, but since I already booked a trip to Alabama for spring break I was short on time. I suddenly had one day to have the big cut and call salons to make an appointment, all the while staying within the $30 budget offered by the theatre department on campus. 

Before I knew it I was in Syracuse the next day, getting my hair professionally cut for the first time - no more at home uneven trims by my parents. Suddenly I was a different person, I was older, classy, and being complimented 24/7. That night I posted my first ever bob-selfie to Instagram, which is still my most popular post to this day. 

(Instagram photo of my hair after the haircut)

While having short hair I’ve learned a couple things: the time between washes was significantly longer than long hair, hats & beanies were made for short hair girls, and that wavy hair was definitely the way to go.

(Photo of my short hair in a hat)

(Photo of my wavy short hair)

 Five months later and I realize that I am in love with short hair. If it wasn’t for the musical I may have never bit the bullet, and done the big chop!