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The Importance of Denim Day

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(Trigger Warning: Topic of Sexual Assault)

You’ll know Denim Day happened if you’re reading this on or after Wednesday. Around your campus and even in the area you live in, you might see more people out with denim on because of it. 

Denim Day was started in 1999 by the nonprofit organization Peace Over Violence. The campaign hosts the day on a Wednesday during April because it also being Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Though this began in 1999, the reason behind it happened in a case in 1992. 

In the case, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the assailant’s conviction because the victim was wearing tight jeans. Given that the victim was wearing this, the court believed that it was implied to be consensual and believed that the assailant could not get them off without help from the victim. 

After the ruling was finalized, women in the Italian Parliament would be seen wearing jeans in solidarity with the victim of this case as a form of protest and this would spread internationally. As we are here 32 years later, the spread still stands to where we show up and wear denim to school, work, and other public places to show our support for survivors of sexual assault. The protest also goes against the misconception that what someone is wearing determines if they are consenting or ‘asking for it.’

Besides just participating in wearing denim, clubs or organizations on your campus and area might host events that highlight this important day, so if you’re able to and comfortable to go, it is a great way to be supported and be an advocate. Denim Day’s website (linked at the end of this) also includes ways to get involved such as through their action kit or taking the pledge.

For myself personally, I wear denim today not only to advocate and bring light to what I’ve gone through but for what others have as well. Sexual assault can happen to anyone, no matter who they are, no matter what they wear, no matter if you know them or not, if they’re your friend, family, or a stranger; so today put on some denim and look or continue to look into ways to support and advocate. 

For More Information on Denim Day & Peace Over Violence, You Can Go To:

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