Survival of the Fittest: How to Survive Finals Week

    The time is approaching, and it’s approaching fast. It’s the end of the year, and professors are assigning final homework assignments, projects, and exams. If you are anything like me, you are panicking and have no idea how to settle your triggered anxiety. It feels like there is not enough time in the day, the weather is getting nicer, and summer is almost here, making it much harder to look at the heaping piles of work, let alone sit down to actually do it. So, how are we supposed to get through all of the studying and assignments? I’ll tell you how! Instead of panicking, follow some of these tips to avoid the upcoming panic attacks and pounding headaches. Something is bound to work if you let it!


ONE: Drink Coffee

As the day comes to a close and there are numerous things still left on your checklist to complete, run to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and treat yourself to a cup of coffee. The caffeine should give you that extra push to stay up and complete your top priorities. I’m not going to lie, the coffee makes you feel more sophisticated anyway, giving you that nudge of confidence in yourself that you can do it!


TWO: Go to Breakfast Regularly

You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get on a routine of going to breakfast every morning as it will give you the energy and brain power you need in order to get through the day. Breakfast is most important on exam day! Believe me when I say that an egg sandwich or a bowl of cereal actually wakes you up and gives you motivation to get through the day.


THREE: Avoid Going Out

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, nobody wants to avoid going out to get buzzed with their friends, especially as the semester comes to a close, but that takes away from your sleep which is much needed for success. As much as your friends pressure you into going, say no. You will be much better off on your finals than them, and you get to save some money!


FOUR: Get All of the Sleep You Can

In order to remain focused as you study, take your finals, write a paper, etc., you need to get a good eight to ten hours of sleep at night. Periodical cat naps are not gonna cut it, whether it be in your bed or on a library table. Your brain needs sleep in order to function properly, so give your brain the care it needs to help you pass your classes. The most important night of sleep is two nights before an exam, so go to bed early!


FIVE: Meditate or Go to Yoga

Take five minutes out of your day to find some silence (yes, I know how hard that is in college), collect yourself, and gain some peace of mind. There are an abundance of yoga classes and other meditational activities around campus that you should go to or maybe even bring a friend to if you’re shy. This can help you win back your sanity.


SIX: Make a “To Do List”

Write down everything you need to do in these last few weeks of school down on an index card or a post-it note. Do the work that you know how to do without struggle, and then chip away at the things that will take more time. For the assignments that take more time, bounce back and forth between the assignments so you don’t go crazy focusing on one thing for too long. Use time management to work on these assignments (not for too long) and move onto the next. Eventually it will all get done! Just remember to take things one at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself.


SEVEN: Go to a Tutor

Tutoring on campus is free, so utilize it! We are not paying all of this money to go to school only to fail classes. If you notice that there is something you don’t quite understand that you think may show up on the final, go to tutoring. From experience, the tutors actually relate to you on the same level of knowing the struggle, and they are more than willing to help you get that A!


EIGHT: Schedule in Friend Time

Our friends are the ones that keep us sane while we are at school, right? So, remember that while you are studying, they are too, hopefully. Study together or even take a break and find some fun to release the stress building up. Being around people stressing about finals too actually allows you to rant and get whatever is bothering you off your chest. Friends are also a great distraction so that you can get out of your own head for a minute. So, schedule them in by planning some time with the girls! Grind hard, hang, repeat.


NINE: Listen to Music

I know that whatever mood I am in, sad, happy, or mad, listening to music benefits my vibe. I don't know what it is, but taking ten minutes to dance around my room jamming to Khalid really lifts my mood. So, if you are walking back from class or sitting in the library, pick out a song that you love and listen to it on full blast. I guarantee that you will feel so much better.


TEN: Look Forward to Good Times

Take a second and imagine yourself on a beach, drinking morning mimosas as the transparent turquoise water tickles your toes. Feel better? Thought so! The semester is almost over, so just think about all of the fun times summer brings as motivation to get through finals. Once they are over, it’s time for fun in the sun with friends.



The worst mistake any college student can make is waiting last minute to cram a semester’s worth of information into your brain the night or two before the exam. Instead, split up your studying by reading through your notes or quizzing yourself for ten to twenty minutes each day a week before exams for each class. To avoid cramming in the first place, after every class throughout the semester you can read the notes you took in class that day. Repetition makes information stick, so even if it’s fifteen minutes in between classes, you are benefiting yourself by studying.


TWELVE: Call Your Biggest Hype Man

Call the person that can put a smile on your face whenever you are having a bad day. Whether it be your mom, dad, sister, or best friend, give them a call to talk about what’s going on in their lives outside of class as a distraction. It’s good to forget about yourself for a minute by getting wrapped up in someone else’s drama. Try to socialize your worries away!


THIRTEEN: Exercise

Gather a group of friends together and head to the gym. Working out and breaking a sweat releases endorphins that brighten your mood. As hard as it is to muster up the energy and courage to go to the gym, the result is worth it, leaving you with the feeling that you have the power to achieve any task put on your plate.



At a time when your stress is at its peak, finding time to take care of yourself is extremely important. Ten minutes before bed is enough. Find a face mask, put it on, and scroll through Instagram as a detox from the day full of stress. Or, if you have more time and really need to decompress, you can grab some friends, paint each others’ nails, and watch a movie while sipping on some wine. Do what you can to keep yourself in check and avoid having a mental breakdown. We don’t want anyone to lose their marbles right before summer!