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Poems I Wrote When I Was Feeling Happy

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.


This is gonna sound dumb,

But I think I can control 

The sun. It seems every

Day, I feel gray she 

Goes away. But 

When I feel happy

She comes back out 

Again. I know she knows

The rain and I, really

Aren’t that close of

Friends. She always

Comes back again and 

Makes everything bright.

I don’t much care for

Night. Because I

Have grown to enjoy

The light. Every morning 

I enjoy the sight, 

Of glimmering rays of


Good Vibes

You know, it’s kinda crazy

I haven’t been as sad 

Lately. I love the way

I feel on my good days.

Like everything that 

Stresses me, goes away.

I feel like I can say what

I need to say without my

Fear getting in the way.

I know that I don’t feel 

So happy everyday,

But I like feeling happy

Once in a while anyway.

Even if the bad feelings 

Come back another day.

Playlist of life

I love music.

There’s always gonna

Be a song for me.

Whether it be,

Sad or upbeat.

My headphones

Will always carry

The sound I 

Love to be around.

When life knocks

Me down, I look

Around and press

Play and ignore the

Negativity of the day.

I don’t need to hear it

I will just let the chorus

Play all day.

Dream Job

People have always asked

What my dream job is.

But, I can’t answer a 

Question like this so

Simply. When all

This could be, is 

Either joyful or lonely.

A dream career, can 

Either steer my path

To joy or my path 

To unhappiness. 

And what would I do

If I found what I thought

Was what I wanted, 

Turned out to be untrue?

Then what could you 

Or I do? To make my dreams

Actually come true?

I don’t know what I need

To do, because even though

I don’t have a dream job yet

I still don’t feel blue. I feel

True, to me and hopefully 

You feel true to yourself too.

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Kayla Hill

Oswego '25

My name is Kayla, I joined HerCampus, to explore my potential as a writer. I'm passionate for writing poetry, but have done other forms of creative writing in the past. When I'm not writing, I dual major in Sociology and Criminal Justice, with a Photography Minor. When I graduate, I plan to follow my dreams wherever they take me!