"Os-way-go" -- A Poem



An hour-long bus ride riddled with sleep

Showed me naked streets and frosted trees.

In a bus full of people from all over the world,

I sat feeling utterly alone, a girl from Nice sleeping

Besides me, and an Australian accent saying

There’s a lot of variety.


But soon I had a small family, the A-Team, and

With ice-capped fingers, we cheered for the Lakers,

Singing OMG by Usher every day. Learning that deadass

Meant dead serious and brick meant cold. Working in the

Dining halls and complaining but

Learning that home really was where Hart was.


Finding out that Wonzones made the best midnight snack

And getting a calzone two hours later while cramming in the library

Was so worth it. Being almost in tears but not quite

because someone was always dancing in the 24-hour study room.

Occasionally comparing ramen with other students while adding

Different toppings to see who made it better.


Religiously going to Cam’s after my Ferris adventures,

Walking back to campus, because

Driving while drunk is BAD, it’s BAD Shen

We could all die

But singing as we walked back, rain or snow,

The D-bus zooming by and by.


The sun never shines in SUNY Oswego,

But the sun sets in fragmented colors, filling

My camera roll with aesthetic pictures of

Desolate memories but who cares

Because there’s more days to the semester

And I’m going to class in my pajamas anyway