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Looking Ahead – What Comes Next?


I am looking forward to holding Her Campus meetings in person next semester! It was tough not being on campus much with having all online classes this semester, so I cannot wait to be back to as close to normal as we can be. Part of what makes Her Campus great is the sense of community amongst the members, and it will be wonderful to get together again and have meetings that are not on Zoom! 



I can't wait to just feel truly connected to people again! I miss going to HCOZ meetings and hugging each other and being in our own little world. We won't have to worry about talking over each other as much, and hopefully we can get our engagement back up to par! I've just been craving in-person events where we can do things besides just talk (although we love to talk!) and I can't wait to meet new people around campus!



I am VERY much looking forward a big, super exciting change coming to my life this summer. It’s something that I’ve been dreaming of since I was 7-years-old, and I cannot contain how ecstatic I am. In the meantime, I am looking forward to getting promoted at my summer job. I’ll be training employees under me on how to work our new electronic system during our preseason. I will also be trained on being an acting manager when my manager or co-manager cannot come into work.



I’m also looking forward to being in person again, especially for HCOZ! These past three semesters have been AWFUL not getting to hang out on campus and have meetings together. I think about our last in person event — the SNL watch party — all the time. It was so fun and also so saddening. However, I am so ready to see everyone again, especially now as CC! I am also looking forward to a Theatre Hair & Makeup class that I signed up for, because that is something way outside of my major that is creative and that I love!


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