"If It Were That Simple" -- A Poem

If it were that simple                                               

Don’t you think I would

Do the things I want to

But know I never could


If it were that simple

To conquer all my fears

Don’t you think I’d try to

But it’s harder than it appears


I’m looking at myself

Through a fogged up mirror

I can only see a shadow

My reflection isn’t clear


I’m sitting in a bathtub

That’s slowly filling up

I know I can escape

I know I can stand up


But something in myself

Just can’t move my legs

My will my mind my heart

All they can do is beg


If it were that simple

I would just step out

But the waters filling up

And I’ve sunk to the bottom with doubt


If it were that simple

I could just escape

But my thoughts are just too strong

And help will come too late