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Molly Peach-Laughing In Field
Molly Peach-Laughing In Field
Molly Peach / Her Campus
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Arguably one of the most beloved and enjoyable seasons, spring, seems to come and go in just a few short weeks. Spring flies by especially quickly here in Oswego, where a wintry mix seems to be on the forecast at least once a week in April, until suddenly it’s sweltering outside. This confusing weather, coupled with the excitement of how close summer is, has often caused me to overlook spring entirely. It seems that one minute, it’s just beginning to get nice outside, and then the next, it’s suddenly summer! Since this is my last spring in Oswego, as I am graduating this May, I made the decision to really try to appreciate and enjoy spring this year. I invite you to join me in trying some of the following ways to savor spring, now and in the future!

Getting more fresh air

This is the perfect time to take a walk outside along Lake Ontario if you’re up here in Oswego, on your nearest walking trail, or just around the block you live on. But, with finals looming closer, it’s often difficult to find time to get outside for some fresh air. Never fear! There are simple ways to incorporate more opportunities for fresh air and vitamin D into your daily routine so you can enjoy that nice spring breeze and warm sunshine. The next time you walk to class, try taking a route outside instead of walking through the campus buildings. If you’re stuck in your room doing homework, crack open the window to let some air in. Even better, you can try taking some of your favorite activities, such as reading or drawing, outside. You can even spread out a blanket or towel near a building with Wi-Fi so you can get fresh air while staying on top of your work.

Stopping to smell the flowers

When I was younger, I used to help my dad plant flowers around our yard every year. The bloom of the crocuses always meant that spring was right around the corner. My favorite flowers are still the daffodils we planted several years ago, because they are perennial plants that regrow each year, with proper care and attention. Even though I have been up at college the past few springs, my dad has sent me pictures of the daffodils when they bloom each year. Looking at the picture made me realize how little attention I pay to the flowers that bloom up here at school. 

While walking to class today, I observed the sides of the path around me and what flowers were growing there. Believe it or not, I even saw some daffodils outside the campus center! I never would have noticed them if I hadn’t thought to look for them, and the pop of color was a nice addition to my otherwise monotonous schedule. The next time you’re walking around your campus or town, take a look around you at what flowers and plants are growing. You may even come across a new favorite! 

Connecting with your inner child

Spring was one of the best seasons as a child because of all of the fun activities that could be done in the warm weather, before the heat became unbearable in the summertime. Just because you’re now a college student or adult, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy these activities! This is a great moment to reconnect with your inner child and relive your favorite childhood memories. Take a bike ride around your neighborhood, draw with sidewalk chalk, blow some bubbles, or even walk to your local playground to spend some time on the swing set. Not only are these activities fun and relaxing, but connecting with your inner child can also help you to heal and empower yourself. 

Treating yourself

Though there are many positives to spring, like the warmer weather and blooming flowers, spring can be hard for many people. Personally, some of my close family members, friends, and pets have passed away in the spring, so I experience added grief and sadness during this time. Outside of personal reasons, spring may be also difficult since assignments are beginning to pile up as we get closer to finals, or senioritis might be kicking in if you’re graduating like me. Balancing these conflicting emotions can be difficult and tiring, so it’s important to ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

A way to care for yourself while also savoring spring is to treat yourself to kindness and patience. This can take many different forms and will look different for everyone, depending on your own needs and preferences. You might decide to set aside five minutes each day to meditate, or simply to pause and take a few deep breaths. If you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow, you could pack your bag and lunch the night before, that way you are organized and don’t have to rush or worry about forgetting anything in the morning. You could even treat yourself to something just because, like a smoothie or cookie on the way to class. Small moments of kindness and patience with yourself will begin to add up, improving your overall well-being and helping you to savor not just spring, but life!

Allyson is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree at SUNY Oswego, and is a double major in English and Broadcasting with a minor in Spanish. She is the CC of her college's chapter of Her Campus, as well as the Secretary of the Women's Club Ice Hockey team. She hopes to one day become an author of fiction novels and collections of poetry. When she is not writing or on the ice she enjoys spending her time reading, hiking, and watching anime.