How To Play Off Being Lost On Your New Campus

Starting life at a new school can be hard. Whether you’re a freshman, transfer, or hermit just coming out of their dorm room for the first time, you don’t want to look like the dorky kid who can’t find their way to class.

So next time that an upperclassman notices you’re lost, don’t flounder around looking like a new kid. Use one of these golden tactics and own the situation instead!

1) If Someone asks, “Are you looking for something?” respond with, “Yeah, you,” and make out with them on the spot.

2) If you make a wrong turn and realize it’s too late, commit to the turn by breaking into a full sprint and screaming, “the Kardashian’s are in the quad!” That way you don’t look lost and you seem to know cool information before everyone else.

3) If you open the wrong door, start frantically opening and shutting all the nearby doors while assuring passerby’s that you’re “certain the body was left in one of these rooms.”

4) If you’re lost, pick out someone else who looks lost and ask if they need directions. Send them wherever, it doesn’t matter as long as other people see you helping. That way they’ll assume that you are the knowledgeable campus queen.

BONUS TIP: Always carry a shovel with you! That way, if worse comes to worse and you’re confronted with an embarrassing situation you can’t bounce back from, you can always dig a hole and crawl into it until everyone else has gone home.

All jokes aside, as a new collegiette it’s normal to get lost. Just know that it won’t last long and you’ll be a knowledgeable campus queen before you know it!