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How Heavy for Atlas -- A Poem

How heavy the Earth must have been for Atlas,

to have the weight of the world’s problems pressing down on you.

I struggle sometimes to carry my own weight,

not to mention the extra pounds

I offer to carry

since our previous generations didn’t care to.

So now we must carry them together

and even then

I don’t know if there will be enough people

who will offer to carry the world together

or who can handle their own and the Earth’s.

By the time we collect the strength to 

it will crumble on our shoulders.

Maybe then

Atlas’ fate has been lightening this whole time.

So as the Earth falls apart,

he can stand just a bit taller.


Did he deserve his punishment then?

Maybe Hades saw how Atlas 

could somehow benefit from the

destruction of this burden.



who does that sound like?