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Who is she..

Is she lost?.. 

Is she from around here.. 

Is she running from her past..

Trying to outlast the previous cast of that mask..

Or is she making the pain… her confusion… 

The disillusion.. 

Of a pain only she knows she’s feeling .. 

A pain that sends her reeling .. 

Screaming, but feeling like no one is hearing ..

Knowing she’s the only hero to stop this nightmare …

Only one who can save the day.. 

No outside touch, or laugh can. Try as they may.. 

Only she can fill that void..

That darkness only she can see and not avoid.. 

Hearing that echo in the hole she dug herself into.. 

Not knowing how to get out… 

Reaching, but no one there to set her free..

Dreaming of the moment she’s released..

Free from the past.. of that cast 

With it no longer defining who she’ll be. 

Hi everyone! I'm Kiara Montero, a second semester junior, double majoring in Broadcasting and Mass Communication and Human Development with a minor in Sports Studies. I'm hoping to excel in my writing while also making connections with those in my campus community.