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You’re growing on your own, you realized. Yes, you’ve known this for most of your life but finally having it catch up to you, takes you back to memories you’ve since said goodbye to

It takes you back to a place of bone-deep hurt, swimming after siblings left behind on a seemingly stranded island with deadly waters and foggy skies

You were one of three, meaning your days weren’t yours, but you never slept away your nights

You’re growing on your own but are realizing that your skies are ready to be redesigned and crafted by what you promised yourself is a future, even if your dark waters tell you otherwise

You’re ready to scream and then release

You’re growing on your own and fear is rational chaos that you need to learn to control. But breathe easy, please and allow yourself to wait and see.

Carla Borbon

Oswego '23

Carla is a Creative Writing major and a Journalism minor at SUNY Oswego. She was born and raised in the Bronx and considers books and tv shows her best friends. From reading books like Percy Jackson and the Maze Runner Trilogy to Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and more, her love for writing blossomed from there. She wants to become an author but as she grows older, what she wants to do became blurry like her glasses on a rainy day. So here she is, with a kitten named Minnie and glasses wipers, trying to find her way.