Fashion at Oswego Hosts Third Annual Fashion Show

Fashion at Oswego hosted it's third annual Pop-Up-Shop on March 23, which is one of the biggest fashion shows at SUNY Oswego featuring student designers. Each designer put their love for graphic design and fashion to the test when they created their very own line that set themselves apart from the others. These five independently owned lines included Fourplay, Saviwear, Crispy Cloth, ArtacheBrand and RISE Visions.

What makes these brands different?

You may be asking yourself, “it's great that students are creating their own clothing, but what does this mean to me? What makes them different?” For one, these students are proving that any person with the will and drive can be creative and innovative. In regards to their differences, they all have specific logos or statements that set them apart.

For instance, Fourplay design represents itself with the number four label on either the front or back of the outfit. When the front of a hoodie has graphics, the artist finds a way to sneak in his logo. The meaning behind the logo is “Forward Progression” or more cleverly, ‘Fourward Progression.” If you want to see more designs go to Fourplay’s Instagram page, @fourplayny and tag them in any purchases you may make.

Saviwear is a line for women. Unlike other lines, this is represented by all things velvet and has $5 sales every Friday. Saviwear is the perfect place to go and get some weekend faves. What better way to show your curves and beauty than wearing velvet of all colors? The artist also has a blog called Rady’s Blog which highlights designer Rady’s ideas on investments. Check out her blog by going on her Instagram page, @saviwear!


Crispy Cloth was another unique line showcased as you can already see with the logo above. The designer’s name is Cristian Padilla who is from Washington Heights. His models rocked his designs in different ways. One model represented the hood-less sweater with fishnet stockings and black boots; a perfect way to make the design stand out. Check out their amazing hoodies on their Instagram page @crispy.cloth and check out their highlight stories.

ArtacheBrand is an up-and-coming brand that has a heart shaped logo on it. They had students from different organizations model their clothing. Organizations included the Black Student Union and the Asian Student Organization. This brand is definitely making their way up to greatness. Check out more designs at their Instagram, @artache.brand and support your fellow classmates.

The last brand that walked the stage was RISE Visions. They represent their brand in multiple ways, but one prominent example of their logo is the phrase “Rise Vision” with an additional marking. There is a  black line that covers a bit of the lettering reminding me of current situations happening in the world. Those who attempt to ignore your voice are represented by that line, but their failed attempt shows how you have risen from their attempts.  It reminds me to rise in the morning and live for what matters most. There are multiple people and companies in this world that want to cover the differences in people, but you must shine and rise despite that. To check out some of their amazing apparel, go to their instagram page @risevisions.

A special shout out to Fashion at Oswego for hosting this amazing fashion show. Make sure to go to their Instagram page, @fashionatoswego to check out more pictures of the performers/designers.