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Embracing You: Authenticity and Living in Your Truth

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Becoming your most authentic self is one of the stepping stones in self-actualization and creating meaningful connections. It takes an immense amount of willpower to want to align with your true self and adhere to it. Like most roads, things can get rocky. 

Finding myself was a journey that was filled with tears and triumph. I can honestly tell you, for myself, it was one of the most intimidating self development changes that I have been through— but it was honestly so worth it. It was these moments of discomfort that enabled me to blossom into the foundational woman I am today. Some of these discomforting changes include losing friends, outgrowing others, and departing from things that no longer serve me, etc. Letting go and moving on can have an effect on others, but it is yourself who comes first and will benefit from all of this the most. If it doesn’t serve you, if it hinders you, or if it harms you, cut ties and go the other way. Protect your peace at all costs.

Once you find yourself, celebrate it and protect it. Real is rare. Give yourself the flowers because you have done something that most individuals are too afraid to do. Make sure that you are living your life that always best serves you and is inspiring and empowering others to want to find themselves as well. 

Briana K. Boateng is a section writer for Her Campus Magazine! She is senior with a major in Broadcasting and Mass Communications. She aspires to become an on-air talent, so anywhere that ranges from hosting, interviewing, anchoring, etc. Some of Briana's hobbies include eating out, watching interviews, as well as reading lifestyle articles. Being a part of Her Campus magazine enables her to enhance her experience as a broadcast journalist, expand her skills in writing, and as well as sharing, connecting, and inspiring her woman peers on the SUNY Oswego campus. Essentially, this is the purpose of this magazine: To empower other woman!
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