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The Sun shines a warm light, but can be harsh with its rays. It can bring forth life as well as burning it to a crisp.


The Moon sheds a gentle light—you don’t feel the warmth physically, but there’s comfort lying in it just knowing it’s shining down on you.


But the fact that we have both the Sun and the Moon is enough—we are here in this moment, embracing both the possibilities of happiness and hurt.


Some people at points in their lives begin to wonder if existence is even worth living, if all they experience is pain and sorrow.


But what they don’t realize is that there is always an opportunity to turn things around; an opportunity to start anew.


The Sun will continue to shine, the Moon will continue to wax and wane, and the Earth will continue to spin on its axis.


That says it all right there—as long as we have the opportunity to exist on this beautifully complicated planet, we still have a chance of finding happiness.


You can create your own paradise wherever life takes you, as long as you exist with others. 


The decision to exist is a brave one. Existing is not easy by any means, but with it lies true happiness within your reality. 


It’s all simply because you are alive. That’s enough.


You are who you now—grow with time, embrace connections with others, and most of all, embrace yourself.


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Jenna Wilson

Oswego '22

Jenna is a senior at SUNY Oswego majoring in Mass Communications and aiming for a Master's in Strategic Communications. Planning on working as a creative/art director, she’s also dreaming of yet another trip to Disney World. Jenna is also an avid lover of reality television, 90s music, and most of all, her family (and Bostons).
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