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Of all of life’s price tags

You really left a dent in me.

I’d always give you credit,

Yet you left me in debt.

You scored a breakup

On such a sour note,

I hope you’re happy

With yourself.

The gaslighting,

Inflation of false love.

Words of war.

Sent me in a Great


I guess the value

Of my effort

Never mattered.

I’m bankrupt,       


You blew the safe.

I guess you don’t 

Know how to

Handle a 


Like me,

Guess you 

Had to rob

My spaces

For your

Own benefit.

Pawn our relationship

For some cheap gems.

I put my faith in you,

My friend betted on

You, but

I didn’t.

I thought you needed saving,

Exchanging it for ignorance.   

When you vacuumed my savings       

Thought you were heaven-sent

I guess my money means more than I do,                                                         

Treated you like gold or platinum,

but you were only worth a cent.

I guess the quarters were your quest           

to forget me, gamble my doubts

After all, how come it makes sense-

Slipping pennies in my eye slits to                

Make a wish that you weren’t shit.

Like a game slot, I lose more

Then I bargained for it.

A Negative Balance

Heaven is a double major in Journalism and Creative Writing at SUNY Oswego. She has previously contributed to The Great Lake Review and self-published poetry chapbooks last year. She plans to continue writing poems, but wants to expand and write articles, short stories, movie scripts and personal essays. Besides writing, she loves archery, reading and listening to music.
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