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Your Guide to Throwing a Frighteningly Fun Fiesta this Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

As Halloween creeps around the corner, you might find yourself indulging in an array of activities from binge-watching horror flicks to trick-or-treating at any age (or perhaps bulk-buying discounted candy the day after). For many college students, though, perhaps the most popular one is attending a Halloween party. 

Host a party of your own with these five steps to join in on the spooky season tradition!

1. Draft, revise and finalize your guest list.

It might seem obvious, but the principal indicator of a party’s success is its people. Don’t spook yourself out of inviting your peers, old and new alike, if the festivities would be incomplete without their presence.

If you’re up for it, consider printing out free online templates for invitations or even fashioning your own. (If you’re anything like me and lack the artistic skills for the latter, browse online tools like Canva to design your cards at no cost.)

2. Prepare various, on-theme activities.

While most guests are content to socialize with friends and bask in the atmosphere, casual games are sure to double the fun. Try your hand at cornhole, pumpkin-carving, Halloween trivia and scavenger hunts paired with spooky surprises for the winner – or come up with your own. Let your creativity flow!

3. Dish up treats and refreshments.

No party is complete without some wining and dining, and Halloween is certainly no exception. Whether you’re concocting bloody marys, baking monster-themed cupcakes or splurging on assorted chocolates at the convenience store, make sure your chosen finger foods and drinks leave your guests saying bon appétit.

4. Amp up the atmosphere with Halloween hits.

Setting a spooky playlist is essential to preserving the Halloween spirit all night long. Blast classics like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or David Bowie’s “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)” on your speaker, and be sure to take song suggestions from your guests.


To maximize attendance (and, more importantly, fun), organize a costume contest, construct a prize wheel and thank guests with party favors full of sweet treats. No need to worry about extravagance – it’s the thought that counts! 

In all, whether you’re looking to host a Gatsby-esque blowout with every student on the block or a get-together with a tight-knit group of friends, these tips will ensure that this night of fright is one to remember. 

Michelle Wang is an Ohio State pre-law student majoring in Criminology and History. Beyond academics, her interests include creative writing, Wushu, Korean- and Mandopop and all things history (with a particular fondness for Tudor England). She hopes to share her love for writing in all its mediums!