Why You Should Live In A Dorm Your Freshman Year

At The Ohio State University, there are tons of dorms, both new and old. If you’re an incoming freshman, there is a good chance that you’ll end up in an older dorm, possibly without air conditioning or some of the other amenities that newer dorms on campus have. This can be disheartening for some people that look forward to making their dorm room a home away from home, somewhere they can look forward to coming back to after classes. Even the newer dorms can be disappointing in terms of space and cleanliness. However, there are certain reasons why living in a freshman dorm, no matter the condition, are important to your adjustment to life after high school. 

Having a roommate: College is a huge adjustment for most people. It can be hard to not have your family with you to ask you about your day or listen to your problems. Your freshman roommate can be a huge help in making this adjustment because they are most likely the first person you will get to know on campus. Whether you meet your roommate in advance on Facebook or just go completely random, they can be someone that you look forward to talking to before bed every night, and getting brunch with on the weekends. For me, my roommate is someone I know I can be myself around, which is a great comfort to have in such a small living space.

Decorating your space: Your dorm room is just that: yours. This means that you can take a blank slate and completely transform into whatever makes you feel the most at home. Even if it isn’t all color-coordinated and organized, it is your space, and you can do with it what you wish. Moving into your first dorm room is an opportunity to finally put all those Pinterest room decorating boards you have to good use, and make something you can be proud to wake up in every morning. I feel like my dorm room is a jumble of a bunch of different decorating ideas that I had, but every piece comes together to make my home away from home. 

Being close to everything: Getting up for high school meant waking up at least an hour before school starts and getting ready before driving to school, probably still half-asleep. Now, with your dorm just steps away from most of your classes, you can roll out of bed and into your 8 a.m. chem lecture in minutes. 

So. Much. Food.: Don’t feel like eating stale granola bars or those chips from two weeks ago? No worries, because the dorms are close to tons of different restaurants and dining halls. A few of the dorms at OSU even have dining halls in the same building! When I first moved in, it was so nice to not have to worry about what I was eating next, because I knew I had plenty of options. 

No matter where you end up during your first year at The Ohio State University, you’ll be comfortable in your surroundings. Living in a dorm is an important step as you enter college, because it allows you to immerse yourself in this new place, and truly make the most of your freshman year.