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If you love dressing for the occasion, there are plenty of brands that are looking out for the lovers of all things red and pink, hearts and x’s and o’s. Some people only dress for the specific day, but there are plenty who get into the spirit for the entire month. Whether you’re in love or just celebrating with your friends, you can still dress for the loving season holiday. Many brands come out with Valentine’s Day collections each year, and I’ve found some cool ones that you can shop now:


Have you been looking for new shoes recently? Converse has you covered with some of the cutest sneakers. They also include neutral and gold tones, so they can fit into your wardrobe for the rest of the year. Besides just shoes, they also have t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags. If you wear a lot of pink, this is also the perfect place for you to look with how many customizable their different designs are.


If you’re looking for something a bit more sexy, Skims is the perfect place to look. Pinks, lace and heart cut-outs adorn these pieces of underwear and slip dresses. Although I haven’t bought anything from this brand before, I’ve heard raving reviews about every piece on TikTok. There’s something for everyone in this collection; lovers of black, if you’re saving the look for the bedroom, and cute looks for parties.

build-a-bear workshop

Whether you’re getting it as a gift for someone else or yourself, Build-a-Bear has the cutest stuffed animals. The best part? Some of them are 20-25% off right now! You can get a stuffy that’s literally a red heart with heart-shaped glasses in a big or mini version or an all-red classic teddy bear to adorn your bed. There’s also t-shirts that you can put on any bears that you already have. Have a favorite animal? They probably have a Valentine’s Day version of them ranging from frogs to lions to bunnies.


Been looking for a new nail polish color recently? Essie, available online at Ulta, has you covered. Or, your nail covered. With catchy names like Burning Love, Fuel Your Desire, No Ex-pectations and more, your nails will be elevated for whatever look you wear. There’s also a range of colors outside of just red and pink, so you don’t even need to stick to the traditional theme to celebrate. For only $10, I consider that a steal.


If you have some extra money and are able to splurge, the Pandora collection is great to look for something to add to your jewelry box. Charms, rings, earrings and more can easily elevate your look every day. Many hearts adorn these cute gold and silver pieces that can even allow you to match with your loved one(s). They work amazingly as a gift or you can drop hints on what your SO should get you. If you’re fan of lockets and 3-D appearing pieces, this is a great collection for you to peruse.

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