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The Thrilling Binge-Worthy Series You Need to Spice up Your Quarantine

Have you sat at home this quarantine searching through every streaming platform to find the perfect show to binge-watch? Look no further.

If you have a subscription to HBO Max or Hulu, "The Undoing" is the show for you. The captivating cliff-hanger series had me and my parents on the couch for two days straight. Starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, "The Undoing" centers around Kidman's character — a wealthy therapist — and follows along as her life turns upside down when she and her family became involved in the murder case of a young mother-of-two in the heart of New York City.

Although I might have made the plot seem rather scary, I can promise you that if I could get through it, almost anyone can. I am awful at handling anything horror-related. I cover my eyes with my hands, a pillow or literally anything available that will take my eyes away from any gruesome action displayed on the screen. This series may have a few jump-scares here and there, but there was nothing drastic enough to stop me from finishing the six-episode season.

My parents and I became the ultimate couch potatoes; we were addicted. We made imprints on the couches that I didn’t think were humanly possible to create. It's safe to say that the cushions lost their fluff after our binge-watching session.

Throughout my time viewing this series, I found myself so curious and intrigued by the plot. At the end of every episode, I was dying to know who killed the mother and what else led up to the moment of the murder. This show was the definition of something that brings viewers to the edges of their seats. By deliberately planning every intense moment and questionable decision made, Susanne Bier, the series director, opened up alternate plot directions. This allows viewers to develop their own theories in which multiple characters could be guilty; Bier used every trick in the book to heighten the suspense of each episode.

As I mentioned before, I watched this series side-by-side with my parents. If you are reading this and are interested in watching the show, I would recommend watching it on your own. Don’t get me wrong, the show is great for both teens and adults, but I would like to warn everyone that there are some sexual scenes that should definitely not be watched with your own parents.

Yeah. I learned that the hard way.

Besides the excruciatingly awkward few moments that I had the utmost pleasure of watching with my parents, I highly recommend this show. If you are struggling to find a series you deem worthy of your time, click off of this site right now and start "The Undoing." I promise you will thank me.

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