Stress Less: Hidden Study Locations

   As OSU students, we all know the stress that comes with trying to find a favorable seat in Thompson Library on a normal day of the week. However, while being in the eye of the finals week hurricane, finding a study spot is a whole different ball game.       

   With the impending doom of finals week, students flood to Thompson and the 18th Avenue library, quickly filling them to capacity. Searching for a spot to study in the iconic libraries can be almost as stressful as finals: students ride the elevator floor to floor, scavenging for any available seat, and even resort to sitting on the floor, once their will to successfully acquire a chair has diminished completely. All that being said, there are others options. Here are the top four, actually accessible, study spots for students who want to avoid the overcrowding of mainstream cramming locations.

1. The Architecture Library, located in the Knowlton School of Architecture  

     The Architecture Library is small, but they have a wide array of options for all types of study sessions; they have tables, comfortable couches for the loungers and even beanbag-like chairs. Not to mention the great natural light and the KSA café. 

2. The Geological Library, located in Orton Hall    

   What this location lacks in study snacks, as it does not contain a café, it makes up for in ambiance. Being in the Geological Library truly feels like being in the Hogwarts castle. With long tables, comfortable chairs and old-fashioned desks, Orton is the perfect place to buckle down for a day of studying.

3. The Lounge, located in the Recreation and Physical Activities Center ​    

   While the RPAC may not seem like the most ideal place to crack open a book, the Lounge is a great place to study if you do not want to deal with other people. They also have a large variety of seating options, ranging from tables and chairs to giant beanbags. 

4. Study rooms in the Union  

   The Union offers eight rooms that you can book to study in during finals week. For more information on the available study rooms, click here

Best of luck on finals!