Perseverance Is Key

As the semester comes to an end, it is natural to look back and reflect on what a time it has been.


Personally, this semester has been the best of my college career. I have a solid few groups of friends, my studies are going well, and I just feel more like I belong on this campus.


So, I simply cannot stress enough to anyone questioning themselves, keep going.


Perseverance is your best friend.


Like sure, it is good to change campuses if you truly believe that Ohio State is just not the place for you. Most of the time, however, simple changes can really improve a person’s quality of life.


Changes I made to really DO the college:


For me, it was beneficial to have a regular workout routine.Feeling my best is something that I prioritize, and I believe more people should carve out times in their day to focus on themselves. Simply running for a half hour three times a week could make you feel exponentially better and more relaxed.

It also was intensely helpful for me to throw myself out of my comfort zone. No one likes to do uncomfortable things (like, that is why it is called a comfort zone), but it is necessary for personal growth. Starting conversation with the stranger sitting next to you in class could make the rest of the semester much more enjoyable for the both of you. And, hey, who couldn’t use more friends?

Say “Yes”to things. Freshmen year I tried new things, but only things I expected myself to enjoy. This year I put myself the heck out there. I went on Tinder dates. I went to parties at houses of mutual friends who I had not met. I went to meetings without a friend. It’s really important to get the most experience out of life that you can!


Keep up with old friends. This year I roomed randomly, starting many friendships that I did not necessarily expect. It was, however, important for me to keep my freshmen year friendships alive. Make sure to get lunch with old friends, cause hey, everyone’s got to eat. Be sure to follow up on relationships and keep up on the now. You will feel better having a large support system of old and new friends alike. 




So, if you’re questioning whether OSU is for you, I would try these things before making any permanent decisions. I was lost last year, but this year I am genuinely sad to go home for winter break.

 Make a life for yourself at school that you are sad to leave, my friends.