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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

During finals week, your mind is probably filled with stress over assignment deadlines and sadness over all the goodbyes you have to say. You probably have less free time and may find yourself neglecting sleep or ignoring your emotions. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and upset during finals week, but it is not okay to bottle up all of these thoughts. In order to feel release from your negative emotions, take as much time as you want to reflect on and answer some of the journal prompts below. After answering them, engage in some self-love (whatever that means to you), and make sure to talk to your support system.

What are you most proud of this semester?

Do not let finals week remind you of your mistakes this semester. It is definitely easy to think of worst-case scenarios and failure during a week centered around grades. Use this prompt to reframe your mindset to a more positive one and reflect on your many accomplishments.

What is one thing you have learned about yourself this semester?

Think about the person you were at the beginning of the semester. What experiences did you go through in these past few months that allowed you to change and become a stronger person? What lessons did you learn that you will take with you into the summer and next semester?

Name one thing you are looking forward to each day this week

Having something to look forward to every day can help you stay motivated. Maybe plan a study date with your friend each day, buy yourself a pick-me-up gift this week or look forward to watching a movie after taking one of your finals. I guarantee you there is something every single day to look forward to!

List three things you can do this week to practice self-care

Taking care of yourself allows you to build confidence, which will help you to do well on your exams and stay healthy. Practice self-care this week by putting on outfits you feel good in, exercising, taking study breaks or doing these journal prompts. You can even perform self-care while studying! Play your favorite music while doing homework or study outside.

List three people that you are grateful for

In order to get rid of overwhelming thoughts, you need to have a support system. Who do you call when you are stressed out, and why do you call them? It is important to remember that you are loved and supported by so many people in your life.

List five things you love about yourself

You may be focusing on a lot of your negative qualities during finals week as you struggle to manage time or compare yourself to others. Do not ignore these negative feelings. Instead, write them down and think about why you feel those ways. Then, write about how you love yourself more than you look down on yourself.

Write down Positive affirmations For When You’re Overwhelmed

Repeating affirmations is a great grounding technique. Some examples of affirmations include, “I am strong enough to overcome any challenge,” “I am proud of myself,” “I am worthy of being praised and loved” and “I am smart and successful.”

I am a third-year student at The Ohio State University majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Dance and Professional Writing.