Interviewing Tips For The Girl Who Hates Interviews

With the start of the Spring Semester comes the start of another process: Interviewing. Whether it’s for a summer internship or a permanent job after graduation, January and February are the classic months for job fairs and resume building. I get major anxiety around interviewing, so much that they make me want to run away and hide in a hole. However, they are a necessary part of life, and I’ve learned some tips along the way that might help you be a little less worried. 

1. They Get Easier As You Go

The first time you ever do an interview, it is only natural to feel absolutely lost. You can read as many articles as you want on how to feel comfortable for a first interview, but the truth is that they just get better with time. My advice would be to never say no to an interview, even if you know you won’t accept the position. Sometimes it’s easier to practice on a job you don’t want anyway because you’ll feel less pressure. I promise that by your third or fourth time, you won’t be nearly as anxious. 

2. Don’t Over-Prepare 

I definitely recommend writing out your strengths, weaknesses and situations surrounding a time you failed or had to work through a tough situation. However, don’t try to anticipate every single question an interviewer could ask you. I think there is something to a more natural, unrehearsed response; it’s easier for your true personality to show. 

3. Dress Like Yourself

You obviously need to look professional and put-together for any interview but don’t get worked up if you don’t have the perfect suit or the best pair of heels. Only wear what you feel comfortable in, or else an interviewer can tell that you feel out of place. As long as you look clean and did something nice with your hair, you will be fine. And don’t overdo your makeup! A natural look is always better for an interview. 

4. It’s a Two-Way Street 

My last piece of advice is to remember that as much as you want to impress the interviewer, you also want the interviewer to show you the best parts of the company. You could give the best interview of your life, but if you don’t mesh well with the employees, the job might not be worth it. The point of interviews is to find the best fit for both you and the company. Remember that you do have some power in the situation!

I hope these tips help someone out there who is freaked out for their first interview. Overall, they aren’t as bad as you think they’ll be. Even if they are, who cares? It wasn’t meant to be and you’ll do better the next time. I know it’s super hard, but just try to calm down as much as possible. One interview is surely not the end of the world.