How To Avoid Sophomore Slump

Freshman year of college is full of introductions, new beginnings and countless hours spent outside of your comfort zone. Once you’ve made it past that first awkward year, it’s easy to feel like you’re on top of the world, and that college is going to be a breeze from here on out. That may be true, but you can’t just stop trying after your first year, especially when you may have had a few bumps along the road before your second year. 

Sophomore year is a chance for you to try new things with an idea of how much you can handle. Now is the perfect time to join a new student organization, or even pursue a leadership position in a group you joined during your first year. Don’t think that you can’t join new groups after freshman year, most groups are happy to welcome people that have more experience in the college realm! It is also much easier to get a leadership position in a group when they know you are experienced and dedicated to the university.

At OSU, you are required to live on campus for at least two years. You may be rooming with someone you know this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to introduce yourself to the other people on your floor. There’s a good chance you’ll make even more friends, and maybe even make the freshman on your floor feel welcome. Don’t ignore dorm wide activities, either. Go to those movie nights and dessert parties, especially if you’re in a different dorm than you were in the previous year. It is just as important this year to make connections with the RAs and other staff working in your building, especially since sophomore year is when you really need to start building a list of references for your resume and internships!

It can be really easy to get comfortable with your class schedule and work load in your sophomore year, but don’t relax so much that you neglect easy assignments or extra credit. Your second year can be a good time to build your GPA back up if you struggled to adjust in your first year. Since you are no longer a “scared freshman,” try to make it a goal to introduce yourself to all of your professors and go to their office to ask the questions you may have been afraid to ask your freshman year. 

By now, you probably have your favorite restaurants, study spots, and off campus places. But don’t ignore everything else. In most college towns and cities, especially Columbus, there are hundreds of places to eat, things to do, and new parts of the city to see. Make an effort to try new things or check out new places on the weekends, and don’t limit yourself to the same food as last year. Even if you still have a campus dining plan, there is definitely at least one thing on campus you haven’t tried yet!

Sophomore year of college is the perfect time to mix some things that you’re comfortable with with a few new things that will make your college experience even better. Don’t let yourself fall into a “sophomore slump” where you do the exact same things as last year, but with less enthusiasm. Put yourself out there with some confidence and make this year even better than the last!

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