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Healthy Habits – Spring Break

Spring Break is right around the corner and it came quickly. Maybe you haven’t reached your goal physique and now are uncomfortable with going to that beach vacation. Here are some things to do and not to do in the days leading up to your big trip.

To juice or not to juice?

There are different juicing programs, but most of them are only taking in liquids for DAYS in order to lose weight. Especially when the plan is with a water detox you’re putting your physical and mental health at risk. The low amount of calories and high volume of liquid can damage your kidneys, which are trying to filter all you intake. Veggie and fruit juices are a tad bit better on your body but juicing the fruits and veggies means you’re no longer digesting them, lowering your metabolism, and not triggering any signs to tell your body you’re eating and full like chewing. In the end, unless you have extreme self-control, you’ll end up VERY hungry and binging on high calorie foods. Not to mention headaches and mood swings.

Body Wraps

A typical body wrap is focused on your midsection and made to make you sweat. A lot. All the weight loss tied to the treatment is water weight and will come back in a few days. However this kind of like a spray tan. There are definitely results, you will be a little tighter around your midsection, and they last for a couple days. If you’re looking for a quick fix this maybe a good option. Just do it right before your trip and it may give you the little confidence boost you need to wear that tiny bikini at the beach.


Become a Gym Rat

Going crazy at the gym a little before your trip is probably a good idea if you want to feel better about your look. There is no way to work off more than a pound or two by the time you go but exercising is wonderful for mental health.  Hoping on the elliptical or grabbing some weight will send amazing endorphins through out your body and make you feel all happy. You may feel a little tighter too and it will rev up your metabolism. As long as you keep a balanced diet and drink adequate water this would be a perfect fine option to try.


If you are looking to find a fast fix there really is no option. Instead I would focus my time on finding a great bathing suit that shows off the parts of my body I love, and make sure that I work on my mental confidence. I hope everyone has a great break and even if you’re not able to go place sunny and warm that you are around great people and take some time to be a little selfish.


My name is Josie Walter. I'm a third year at THE Ohio State University! I love my buckeyes and this campus as a whole. I am in school to earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a specific course of Pre-Health. Originally I am from Wilsonville, Or just 20 minutes south of downtown Portland. (Yes, Portlandia is a realistic comparison to the city). I was however born in Las Vegas and thats where my HEART still is. With a couple jobs, trying to maintain an active lifestyle, stay on top of school work and have great friends life has flown by! I am determined to make these last couple years I have at OSU the absolute best!
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