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Bye Bye, Acne!

Someone who has never had acne before: Just wash your face!



Kendall Jenner recently revealed that she, like most of us, has had her struggles with acne growing up and she even went as far to say that it ruined her self-esteem. Yes, beautiful, perfectly imperfect celebrities like Kendall Jenner deal with our daily struggles, too. Crazy, right?! Unfortunately, a part of being a girl is having to deal with acne at some point in your life. And even though you feel like it ruins your self-esteem and that everyone is looking at you, there's a high chance you're the only one who notices it. Acne can stem from a variety of things like stress, your diet and eating habits, or if it's "that time of the month." It may also be a genetic issue (thanks, mom and dad). No matter where acne comes from, we can all agree on one thing: it sucks. Here are some of my favorite products to clean my face with and cover up my acne with that help me stay confident when I walk out of the house. 


Equate Original Clean Facial Cleansing Towelettes 

I have probably used every brand imaginable when it comes to makeup towelettes. Neutrogena? Too soapy. Dove? Too much fragrance. Equate? The perfect match! These are the most underrated makeup removal towelettes. Not only are they fragrance free and crazy soft, they're only $5.97 for the 2 pack shown above. I have very sensitive skin and always thought the more expensive brands wouldn't make me break out, but these are hypoallergenic and I've never had a problem! They also remove my toughest waterproof eye make up. Get them here.


Dove White Beauty Bar


Growing up with acne my mom always told me "never ever wash your face with bar soap." So instead, I used every acne facial cleanser there is. None of them made my acne go away, and some even made me break out more. I have always used Dove for my body because it never irritated my sensitive skin. So I decided to break my mom's rule and try it on my face for a week. The redness from my acne started to go away that first week, and eventually almost all of it was gone. I still have my acne scars on my face which will never disappear, but I rarely ever break out anymore! You can find this at any grocery or drug store, and you can get a 2 pack for around $4!


Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 17

For some people, acne means oily skin. For other people, like me, it means dry, itchy skin. However, this is made for people with oily skin or dry skin. This oil-free moisturizer is fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and has an SPF! It leaves my skin so soft and it's amazing once the dreadful winter rolls around and dries up your skin! It's more expensive than my previously mentioned items, but at $24, it will last you months. Get it here.

IT Cosmetics Eyelift In A Tube

I originally bought this for the concealer to put on the bags under my eyes. I eventually started using it on any redness or small breakouts I got on my face and it hides everything. And a big advantage is that it comes with a highlighter on the other end of the stick! Each tube may look small, but I got mine in the beginning of August and I still have a pretty good amount left. This is also on the more expensive side, but with the attached highlighter, how well it works, and how long it lasts it's worth the buy. Get it here


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

I saved the best product for last. I went shopping at Ulta one day looking for great coverage makeup that would hide all of my flaws. One of the beauty advisors suggested that I try this and then even offered to put it on me so I could tell if I liked it. She put it on and my mom and I were in shock. I don't know what it is or what Tarte puts in their products, but this is AMAZING! All of the redness and breakouts disappear and it looks natural. This bottle is $39 but it has lasted me over a year. Another advantage is that a little bit of this goes a long way on your face, and if you put on too much, it will look like you caked it on-- so don't overdo it! Get it here.


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