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7 Recipes to Keep You Slim & Studious

As a frequent pinner and a foodie at heart, I have compiled quite the list of recipes. Many have gone untried, but not due to their lack of creativity or delicious ingredients, but rather my lazy, tired, college girl attitude. As college students we’re often strapped for time, keeping us from making gourmet meals. Not to mention those types of meals also require patience and energy – also, in short supply. With keeping these things in consideration, I have put together a list of delicious and simple recipes with a concentration on health to keep your stomach full (and flat!) and your schedule open for more studying.

  • Cuzzins, who?


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and make this one your own. (I actually have made this one, and it’s AMAZING!)


  • Oh yes, please. Dare I say … a worthy stand in for Chipotle?


  • Put those extra black beans to good (and delicious) use!


  • The idea of “overnight oats” has swept the blogosphere, and for good reason!


  • There aren’t many things better than fresh baked cookies….except when they only require two ingredients AND are good for you!


  • Desert, breakfast, snack – these are great no matter what the occasion!


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