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6 Lessons I Learned My First Year At Ohio State

Let me tell you a little about what I learned my first year at The Ohio State University.

1. You do a lot independently

Get over the fact that someone might think you’re a loner because you’re eating a sub by yourself in Knowlton. Literally, no one cares. No one. You’ll learn to love hanging just by yourself — it’s a great way to unwind!

2. You need to set aside a few hours to study everyday


You can’t procrastinate and cram for everything like you did in high school. The reality is that college is harder than high school (*gasp*), and you’re going to have to start studying several days before exams. Time management is a very important thing to learn in college to organize the rest of your adult life.

3. Literally no one cares

If you’re in the high school mentality that people actually care what you’re wearing and who you’re hanging out with – you’re not in the right mindset. College is about discovering yourself, not pretending to be some person you really aren’t by worrying about details. (DGAF what people think of you. It’s corny advice, but when you really let go you learn a lot about yourself and what’s really important to you).

4. Try to step out your comfort zone friend-wise

This advice could pertain to literally anything at college- considering it’s ALL out of your comfort zone- but do so with friends. Yes, its easy to only hang out with people you have been friends with since you were three, but new people bring new experiences into your life. Actually put yourself completely out there.

5. Rushing isn’t life or death

I tried the rushing process and did not make it to the end and guess what- I’m still breathing. Sororities are great for making friends, but it’s not the “end all, be all” of a social life in college. If you get half way through rush and realize you’re not excited about it anymore, don’t force yourself! You’ll make friends that you’ll love elsewhere! 

6. I just really love being a Buckeye!

Sure you have your bad days, but waking up for game day and donning your best scarlet and gray really gets any Buckeye’s blood pumping! The pride and love for sports here is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered – and I could not be happier!

Second Year Strategic Communications major at THE Ohio State University
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