5 Ways To Beat The Summer Scaries

As the spring semester of college comes to a close, you may be asking yourself, “What am I going to do this summer?” Whether you are worried about leaving your friends or about getting the perfect summer gig, everything will work out in the end!

1) Score the perfect Internship

  • A good way to not entirely hate your summer away from your university is to do something productive for your career over the break. Start looking now, if you haven’t already, for an internship near your hometown that will boost your career. Seeing the summer as an opportunity to work in your future field will make it seem less daunting!

2) Plan a Friend-cation

  • One of the worst and best things about going to school is that your friends can be from all over the country. It’s cool and interesting, but it also means that on breaks they live far away from you. Plan a friend-cation now in the middle of summer that everyone can call- off work for! This way, it will be far enough in advance that everyone can think about it and clear their schedule. Looking for a location in between you all may be a task, but it will be worth it to see your buddies in person over the summer months!

3) Spend time with Your Fam

  • I know it can be challenging to think of spending your summer months under your parents’ roof, but trust me, it’s a great opportunity to gain some family bonding. You spend almost 9 months of the year away from your day ones, so be sure to actually spend time with them this summer. It may not be the same type of fun you have at school, but it is important to be well rounded and let the ones you love know that you care about them.

4) Rake in the Dough

  • It’s no secret that college kids work their lives away in the summer. It is expected with how freakishly expensive the whole college experience can be. Be sure to pick a job that you at least somewhat like that allows you to fatten your wallet. It sounds shallow, but we are poor as all heck, and we need to pay off those loans. I know personally I’m working in a restaurant this summer, where I can work for tips to pay for books, rent, and tuition next semester.

5) Get in Some Rest and Relaxation

  • Don’t forget to enjoy yourself this summer! I know that as a kid it was must more liberating to experience summer break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in some rest and relaxation. It’s important to know who you are away from school as well, so be sure to do some self-reflecting between your shifts. Personally, I’m excited to get some time in at the beach to let some of this final exam stress go!

Beating the summer scaries doesn't need to be as difficult as it may seem. Good luck on your finals, college kids! Be sure to work hard this summer, but also get in some good ole quality “me-time!”

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