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Like many college students, I feel like I’m always dreading the approach of winter, especially after the holidays are over. You have to put on what seems like five layers of clothing before going outside, it feels like all the fun activities have come to an end and it’s harder to get yourself out of bed and out the door. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this winter dread that I just learned about, and it is called hygge. You may be wondering what exactly hygge is, and when I saw the word for the first time, I was thinking the exact same thing. Merriam-Webster states that “the Danish word hygge began appearing in English writing, as a noun and adjective, to refer to cozy and comfortable surroundings that invoke an inner sense of contentment or well-being” and defines hygge as “a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable.” If hygge grabs your attention and you’d like to include it in your daily winter routine like me, here are five simple ways to practice hygge this winter.

1. Light Your Favorite Candles!

As soon as you wake up or get home from being in the cold, light your favorite candle immediately to make your home super cozy! The best candles for winter are ones that remind you of the season, and some of my favorite winter scents are balsam, vanilla cashmere, cinnamon, cookies and more. If you’re looking for some good candles, I cannot recommend the candles at Target, White Barn or TJ Maxx enough!

2. Consume Seasonal Foods and Beverages!

What better food and drinks to have during the winter than the ones you don’t really have during any other season? Cuddle up with a blanket and some warm food or a hot drink, and embrace the winter season instead of rejecting it! Some great seasonal foods and drinks are hot cocoa, grilled cheese, tomato basil soup, pasta, festive hot lattes and more.

3. Actively make plans with loved ones!

The best way to make the most of the wintertime is by spending time with friends and family to make your heart feel warm inside. Whether you plan a nice dinner, a game night, a cocktail night or something else, you’re sure to be content with your loved ones surrounding you! Since winter often feels isolating and exhausting, try to take action by planning ahead for yourself.

4. Use your warm blankets, robes, slippers, and all things Comfy!

The best feeling when you’re coming home in the cold from a long day is being able to change into comfy clothes, put on your fuzzy socks and slippers and lay down with a warm blanket! To build excitement around getting cozy this winter, go out to your favorite store and get some new comfy things for yourself. Some of my favorite blankets have been from Target, TJ Maxx and Costco, so you should definitely check them out if you’re interested!

5. Do Fun Winter Activities!

Although I’ve mentioned that it’s already hard to get out of the house during the winter, doing winter activities that you can look forward to will make the season a lot more enjoyable, which will allow you to be more content. I’d recommend making a list full of fun winter activities that you can do with your loved ones and check them off as you carry out your plans! Some of the best winter activities in my opinion are visiting new cafes, going to winter markets, baking, looking at holiday lights and more.

I hope that by practicing hygge, your winter becomes more enjoyable this year—I for one am looking forward to a wonderful winter full of being content and cozy!

Originally from Cincinnati, Brooke Hoctor is in her second year at OSU studying Communication and Spanish. Her favorite things are romance books, romantic comedies, listening to music, doing word searches, spending time with friends and finding new coffee shops and food spots. She enjoys writing about entertainment, mental health, and relationships.