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4 Way to De-Stress this Weekend

How I pictured fall: me gracefully leaping in slow motion into a perfect pile of fall leaves, whilst acoustic covers play in the background.

How fall is actually turning out: me buried in a pile of no, not perfect fall leaves, but term papers, study guides, homework sheets, and tears.

Okay, so I might be exaggerating a teeny bit but regardless, fall is turning out to be extremely and relentlessly stressful. When the work was initially piling up, weeks ago, I told myself,

“Alright, this weekend is not going to be fun, but just get it done and next weekend will be pure bliss!”

 Then the next weekend ended up being more stressful than the last! This has been going on for weeks now and I’m putting my foot down.

I’m done waiting for my relaxation; I’ve decided that to combat these unfortunately and unavoidably work-filled weekends I’m going to force myself to throw a couple cheerier activities in between the periods of work/pure misery. So here are a couple simple activities that will make you feel way better than expected, and even more able to defeat the army of work challenging you.

1. Go Hiking. 

These past few weeks have been so warm! Almost suspiciously so… But nonetheless, we should take advantage of the almost too good to be true conditions, having beautiful fall trees and warm weather. I admit, it’s taken me far too long to actually go out hiking here myself but this weekend my best friend and I are finally going to conquer the task! We’re planning on going to Battele Darby Creek.  It’s not too far from here, you can pick up some food to bring along for a little impromptu picnic and c’mon let’s admit it: the trip would make for a great photo op.


2. Try a new recipe.

I know at least a couple of the pretty faces reading this are thinking “but I can’t cook.” Well sorry, I don’t believe you. If you got into THE Ohio State University, chances are you can read some instructions off a page and dump some sugar in for good measure. I concede, some recipes are extremely complicated and only made for the truly focused but the rest of us can definitely make some banging brownies or cupcakes (There’s nothing wrong with using box mixes)! I always feel accomplished after trying a new recipe, plus then you’ve got some food in front of you! When has that ever been a bad thing? Not to mention the roomies will be super appreciative (that is, if you choose to share it). Check out my other article, 3 Delectable Varieties of Buckeyes, if you’re interested in putting a new twist on our game day favorites.


3. Get a new book. 

And actually read it. For me, this has always been exciting because I love to read, but understandably, not everyone finds this quite as thrilling.  However, I am a firm believer that everyone would really love reading if they found the right genre and writer for them. Once you find books you like, reading can offer you so much. Not only will your vocabulary improve tremendously but it can really be fun and relaxing as well. You can be transported to places you’ve never been and meet beautiful, amazing people, whether they really exist or not. Check out Shannon Connelly’s article, Why Every College Girl Should Read More for more on what reading can provide you. Lately, I’ve been going through and reading each one of Elizabeth Gilbert’s books. I started with Big Magic, which was as incredible as the name, and cover. And all of her other books are proving to be absolutely extraordinary as well!


4. Plant something indoors. 

This idea actually came to me by reading Liz Gilbert’s The Significance of All Things which has a botanical theme. I think plants indoors simply look lovely, plus they afford better air quality and sometimes can provide fresh ingredients for your kitchen. Despite the fact that winter is coming upon us soon, many varieties of plants will still thrive indoors during the colder months. If you’re looking for edible plants or plants that bear fruit, Meyer lemon trees and many varieties of herbs including basil will still do well near an East facing window! You can either go all out and buy seeds and potting mix or just head to Lowe’s and buy an already potted plant. 

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