13 Stages of Skipping Your 8AM

We've all been there. You schedule your classes months in advance when you are still full of the optimism that next semester will finally be the time when you get your crap together. However, when the semester begins, you always seem to be even more of a mess than before, so when it's time to go to that 8AM class you scheduled in June, you are a permanent resident on the Struggle Bus. Here are the 13 stages that we all experience when we finally decide to skip class and stay in bed.

1. *The night before* You set your alarm for an unnecessarily early hour.

Why, yes, I do plan on showering at 6AM.

2. *That morning* You jolt awake to your tried and true Taylor Swift ringtone.

Duh, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is a great way to start your day.

3. You hit snooze 6 times.

Because why let that glorious button go to waste?

4. You finally sit up and look around and wonder where you are and how you got there.

Especially at the beginning of fall semester. It never fails.

5. You waste 30 minutes watching your friends' Snapchat stories from the night before.

Becky always knows how to have a good time and your FOMO. IS. SO. REAL.

6. You must decide if the urge to pee is enough to get you out of bed.

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go.

7. You realize it's not.

You just aren't ready to stop being a blanket burrito.

8. You question why you ever signed up for anything before 2PM.

Nothing fun ever happens before then and you just know it.

9. You scoot to the end of your bed.

Because too much movement at once is simply exhausting.

10. You "quickly check Twitter" for 15 minutes.

Knowing what drama you missed out on during your slumber is obviously important.

11. You realize your class starts in 5 minutes, but you are 20 minutes away.

Dang it, looks like it's too late to go...

12. You say, "Screw it," to LITERALLY everything.

Just because you can.

13. You go back to bed.


Maybe you'll try again tomorrow. Maybe.