12 Reasons to Go to OUAB's Skate on the Plaza

1. It’s free, which is something every college student loves to hear

2. You can call it your workout for the day… no RPAC necessary

3. You can attempt to venture from holding onto the wall, and feel like a boss when you don’t immediately fall

4. You can enjoy free hot chocolate after the event, which everyone loves

5. Basically like Rockefeller center with the added lovely views of construction


6. You can try some cool tricks with the ice like this girl

7. Or you and your friends could get creative with it like they did in blades of glory

8. Or just do your own thing like J. Biebs

9. It’s basically the best way to start off the holiday season

10. You can bundle up and look adorable just like Blair…..without all of the plaid

11. It’s one of the cutest date ideas for the winter

12. Basically we’re all really excited here at HC Ohio State