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Each spring, I take the time to organize a massive clean out of my closet. It’s a tradition I’ve practiced for years, and it never fails to leave me feeling more relaxed and in control of my wardrobe for the rest of the year. You always have to let go of the old to make room for the new, which is why I’ve curated the ultimate guide to a spring closet cleanout. 

The first step towards the perfect spring closet cleanout is taking time to dig through every piece in your closet. When I look through my things, I always ask myself 1. Have I worn this in the past six months? And 2. Will I miss it if I give it away? If the answer to both questions is no, then I donate that piece of clothing. Another good tip on cleaning out your wardrobe is to get rid of things that won’t serve you well in the long run, like microtrends or any fast fashion clothes made of cheap materials. Personally, I like to keep pieces in my closet that are unique, made to last, and will set my outfits apart from other people. If a piece doesn’t fit this criteria, then I get rid of it. 

After I’m finished cleaning out my wardrobe, that’s when all the fun starts! My favorite part of a closet cleanout is the shopping that comes afterward to fill up that empty space. When looking for new styles, I focus on pieces that are reworked or vintage, because in my opinion, they never go out of style. I also like to look for staple pieces that I can wear for at least the next year. This year, I looked for business casual button-downs, colorful coats, and printed pants. In order to elevate your wardrobe and resist falling into microtrends, be sure to carve out your own personal style by making a list or Pinterest board with pictures for inspiration. That way, when you are searching for items, you can keep your focus on the things you need and will wear versus the things you only want for a small amount of time. Avoid shopping online if you can, and pick items you know will suit your body type, aesthetic, and lifestyle!

To me, a spring closet cleanout is an essential part of my wellness plan for the year. My clothes and outfits are my way of introducing myself to the world without saying a word. Without making room for new styles in my closet, I wouldn’t be giving myself the opportunity to make new fashion statements and keep up with the trends at the moment. While I consider my closet a year-round work in progress, I have always found that a springtime revamp helps me feel excited for the new year and all the fashions that are to come! So, if you’re wanting to do a closet cleanout, here’s the perfect guide to accompany you on your style journey!

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