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Tips On How To Not Die During Midterm/Final Season

Midterm season is just nearing the end for many, let me tell you it was rough. Midterms were significantly harder and it was almost torturing to study. Now that they are over and we are still here nearly living, I have some tips and tricks that can be used not only for finals, midterms but any big test or upcoming project you may have.


Here are some tips…


1. Schedule It Out

Some don’t really schedule out their whole term, I personally like to keep organized and have a calendar with all my activities, assignments, tests and events. This allows me to see what I have in the upcoming days and even weeks all at once. Planning and scheduling out everything also allows me to see when big assignments are due and if some are due close together. With the knowledge I have, I am able to also plan designated study times out and decide when I should have certain things finished. 

2. Get Motivated

There are many ways to get motivated, especially for such things as tests. I find myself getting motivated if I get new colorful pens and highlighters. I also get motivated to study more if I leave my room and change my scenery once in a while. Changing places to study is always helpful, a new ambiance, new surroundings and fresh air.

3. Take Breaks

Taking breaks is a huge help when studying, you really don’t want to burn out. I would recommend a 10-minute break every 50 minutes. This helps you clear your mind a little and then once you go back you can regain focus. This is what I recommend but many people have different study methods that work for them, so if something works for you, stick to it. But it never hurts to try something new once in a while.

4. Study Groups

I like studying alone, that is if I feel confident about the subject. If I don’t feel like I know the subject too well then I prefer and encourage myself to study in a group with others that I know will help me. This is different from studying with friends because although I very much enjoy studying with my friends I have to admit that we all get distracted way too much. Do what is best and beneficial for yourself.

5. Talk To Help

Reaching out to ask for help is challenging, I know it can be intimidating to talk to professors and GE’s but I highly encourage it. I especially encourage everybody to speak to their professors when something about the class is very unclear, it’s your grade and that’s what they are there for…to teach. So get to now your GE’s and professors and go say hi to them during their office hours. If for some out of this world reason your professor denies you or you can’t reach them, then look for a tutor. There are so many available tutors around campus, especially in your very own class, a peer could possibly tutor you..bonus if it’s free. 

6. Reward Yourself

After hard work, you need a reward. There are so many ways to reward yourself depending on what you like to do. I myself find it rewarding to have a snack and watch an episode of my favorite show after studying for a long time. Rewards can also be used as motivation during study time, for example, if I have a dense reading I give myself a piece of candy for every page I read and comprehend fully. And of course reward yourself after you turn in that project or after you take that test, there’s nothing better than a well-awarded meal to lift your spirit

Hi there lovely people! My name is Anette Rodriguez-Rojas. I am a sophomore at the University of Oregon. I am currently majoring in both Journalism and Spanish, also thinking hard about adding Photography to the list. My life consists of enjoying many delicacies in this world such as doggos, traveling, food, impromptu dance parties and falling into YouTube rabbit holes at 3 a.m.
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