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I officially launched my online portfolio!

I am double majoring in advertising and Spanish, and I wanted to curate an online portfolio to help with my internship search. Online portfolios are a great way to show recruiters what you’re about through the click of a button. I made a few mistakes along the way, so I am here to share some tips today. It’s always a good idea to look at portfolio examples for inspiration but just remember: everyone has their own style. Not everyone has web developing or designing skills, so have fun curating your own aesthetic.

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Tirachard Kumtanom

I cannot stress this enough…please start brainstorming on a blank document!

I built my website on squarespace.com and made the mistake of picking a template and getting right to work. There are hundreds of templates, and I got carried away with the fancy typography and animations. I started worrying about the visual aesthetic of the site versus the actual content. Feel free to grab guidance from a template, but consider starting on a blank canvas. 

If you’re more of a visual person, I suggest you make a mood board to construct your site’s aesthetics. Include items such as a color palette, fonts, and images that help convey your work. 

Open up a blank document on Google Docs and establish what you want your portfolio to contain. It would be best if you had anywhere from 3-5 sections. Here are some tips for what to include in each section. 

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Section 1: Work 

This should always be your landing page! Recruiters want to see your work right away, so make sure to include the projects you’re most proud of. These can range anywhere from school-related campaigns to intern projects. Your work tab is a great way to showcase your professional experiences. 

I used the work tab to bring my skills and experiences to life. I showcased my internships, brand ambassadorships, and study abroad experience. For each section, I gave a brief background of the company/organization, a description of my role, and my duties. 

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Section 2: Resume

Attach your most recent and polished resume. Make sure it is linked in a PDF format so recruiters have easy access. Also, remember to have some fun with your resume. I think there can always be a balance to showcase both professionalism and creativity. 

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Section 3: About

This is my favorite section. Have some fun with your about section. Include a professional headshot or a photo that speaks to who you are. Include a brief overview. Think of it as a charismatic elevator pitch. I used this opportunity to introduce my cultural and academic background, career goals, and even my passion project. 

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Section 4: Contact 

I debated on whether to include a contact section. I condensed the header and added the email icon instead. I don’t think anyone is really going to take the time to fill out a contact form, so instead, you can replace it with your email and say something like, “let’s connect” or “let’s chat.” Have fun with the copy. 

Make it human

I decided to include my favorite podcast and a novel I am currently reading. You could even go further and include your virtual bookshelf and offer recommendations. I’ve seen portfolios include favorites such as playlists, hobbies, and personal projects. While I look to expand my professional work, I am also thinking about adding a “where I get my creativity section” and include pictures to symbolize the creative process through my eyes. 

Lastly, I attached the handle to my Instagram. If you feel comfortable, share your social media handle (they’re most likely going to look you up anyway). After you gathered your website’s content, send the link to a few people. Ask for feedback. Look for those minor grammar mistakes or simply obtain design feedback. 

Check out my online portfolio at melissatduran.com, and remember you can score 50% off your Squarespace website when you sign up for an annual plan as a student (and no, this is not sponsored, haha). There are also many other websites out there, so check out what works best for you!

A first-generation Latina crushing her life goals! IG: @melissatduran
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