Simple Self-Care Ideas Fit For College Students

Simple Self-Care Ideas Fit For College Students


What is self-care?


Self-care is any activity that we deliberately do in order to take care of our mental, emotional, or physical health. Everyone’s definition of self-care varies, but mine defines it as any act you do in order to better your health and happiness.


In such turbulent times, it is easy to lose track of things that matter. Especially now, as we experience life from a distance, it’s vital to check in with yourself as much as you do the people around you. Whether you’re in Eugene or navigating campus remotely, here are some ideas to keep you feeling recharged and relieved as the term goes on. 

  1. Go outside! Even spending ten minutes outside a day gives me so much perspective, especially in somewhere as beautiful as Eugene. While you’re at it, you can even call up a friend and meet for a picnic, walk, or even bike to Autzen! 

  2. Stay in! Contrarily, sometimes staying in hits the spot. If it’s cold and rainy out, I love cozying up and watching Netflix. Some of my favorite recommendations are: Private Practice, Dating Around, and The West Wing! If you’re not into binge watching but still want to stay warm inside, maybe paint your nails, put on a mask and deep conditioner in your hair, and listen to your favorite artists’ music.

  3. Exercise. Even when I don’t feel like it, I’m always really glad I did. Whether it’s going for a quick walk around town, a quick Chloe Ting ab video, or even a class at the Rec, exercise always helps any problem I have. With remote learning and online classes, staying fit can be tricky, and prioritizing physical exercise can help improve mental health and well-being. And of course, you’ll feel amazing, too.

  4. Hydrate! And eat! While this may seem like more of a given than a self care idea, remembering to stay hydrated and fed is not always the first priority of college students. But regardless of meeting your nutritional needs, a fun way to practice self-care is to experiment with foods. Try a new recipe, order in from a new restaurant, or try a dining hall favorite with friends. One of my favorite things to do is look for recipes on Pinterest to cook with my friends or my boyfriend, or walk around my neighborhood to scope out all of the best spots to order in from! 

  5. Call someone. Usually when I take self care time, I love doing it alone. When I’m in need of a serious recharge, however, hopping on FaceTime with any one of my friends seems to give me a pick-me-up unlike any cup of coffee. Whether it’s a quick rant about homework or a therapeutic catch up session, I always get the best feeling after reconnecting with friends near or far!


Even though times can get chaotic and busy with classes, homework, and other obligations, taking the time to practice self-care is essential to keeping up to date with yourself and every part of your being! Not only does regularly practicing self-care benefit your mental health, but it improves various areas of your overall well-being. If the ideas above don’t seem to fit your fancy, here are a few more ways to check in with yourself:

  • Settle in and take a bubble bath with essential oils and/or epsom salt (perfect for anxiety and stress relief).

  • Light a candle and read a book.

  • Take a walk or jog around your neighborhood.

  • Netflix Party with a friend or loved one!

  • Journal! Or draw! Or write! Any form of creative expression helps.

  • Do a social media detox for a few hours (or all day, if you please).

  • Take a nap.

  • Do a quick yoga flow!

  • Try a breathing exercise, and if you want extra relaxation, try adding a few stretches while you breathe!


Whatever your version of self-care looks like, take time today to take care of yourself— you can’t pour from an empty cup! Remember, it feels like a chore, it probably isn’t self-care. After all, you deserve more than just another chore.