The Return of '90s Fashion

The Gameboy Color, Lisa Frank stickers, Clueless, and The Powerpuff Girls. Don’t they all sound familiar? If you were born in the ‘90s, these items should hit you with the same nostalgia I experience when I hear “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. Those precious childhood years may be behind us, but the fashion is definitely making a comeback. These trends will make you feel like a kid again – a much more mature, grown up kid, of course.

1. Halter tops:

Back in the day, nearly every teen girl could be found wearing one of these little numbers. Now halters are back in action and perfect for summer. Don’t be afraid to show a little belly or throw it over your swimsuit. 

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2. Jellies:

While not everyone may be able to rock jellies, they’re certainly picking up in popularity. Top shops like ASOS and Urban Outfitters are crazy for these classic shoes. Stocking or no stocking, jellies are just too fun to pass up.

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3. Scrunchies:

Oh, how we love scrunchies. They’re the best accessories to have around, and you can find some with wildly creative patterns. Stock up on your scrunchie collection like it’s 1995.

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4. ‘90s Grunge:

OK, so maybe not THIS grunge….

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You can settle for something a little more toned down. A matte, neutral face paired with a dark lip is simple and quick!

5. Sportswear: Adidas, Reebok, and Nike all ring a bell when we think of the ‘90s. Thankfully this style is back with a twist.

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