New Term, New You

A brand new year is here which means inevitable resolutions, goals and hopeful chapters to start anew. The new year also comes along with a lot of pressure. What happens if you fail? Or you come short of your goals? Well, we all have those deeper insecurities. So, don’t freak out; just join the club!

In order to start off winter term on a carefree note-here are two tips. Hopefully, they'll help you all create a fresh mindset for a new year and new term of school.

1. Keep an open mind!

Remember, you’re only human. Mistakes will happen, goals will not be met and resolutions will be hard to keep. Keep an open mind throughout the whole process of a new school term. You’re going to have a brand-new load of classes and a different, wacky schedule. SO here’s the tip. Keep an open mind to your goals and resolutions. Make them realistic and don’t be mad or upset with yourself if you fall short- you have all year to achieve your goals! You’ve got this!

2. Get out of your comfort zone!

A new year and a new school term is the perfect excuse to explore sides of yourself you haven’t before! Why not start off with something small – try a new food. Then really figure yourself out; take a weekend trip to the beach with brand new friends! Allow yourself to do some things that scare you, you’re at a point in your life where finding you is pivotal. Take the new year, and take the new term of classes as a way to explore this new chapter!