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The craze to relax while enjoying the company of cute goats has become mainstream. Some of my friends went to Corvallis, OR to try the latest exercise trend: goat yoga. I interviewed my friend Elizabeth Madrieres to find out more about this farm-style workout.

HC: How did you hear about goat yoga?

Elizabeth: I saw a video about it on Facebook that was being shared by a couple of people, like all those other funny videos. So I tagged my friends in the video post, hoping to try it out ourselves because it was only a town away in Corvallis.

HC: What were your thoughts and expectations prior to goat yoga?

Elizabeth: I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’ve never done yoga before. I didn’t think it was going to be that hard. It seemed laid back: hanging out with goats and doing a bit of yoga. I was even more motivated to participate when I discovered online that the goats could be used for animal therapy.  

HC: How do you define goat yoga?

Elizabeth: Goat yoga was a fun, hour long activity that helped relieve the stress of upcoming finals week.

HC: Describe your experience.

Elizabeth: Once we arrived, we were immediately welcome to socialize with the goats. The instructors led yoga poses on mats, which were accompanied by goats roaming around us. Some goats jumped on people’s backs, while others cuddled with participants throughout the activity. It was fun and easy! Everyone was in a good mood because of how funny the goats’ antics were.

HC: Did you allow the goats to climb on your back? If so, did it hurt? Were you sore the next day?

Elizabeth: The goats only jumped on one girl’s back during the yoga session. But afterwards, we asked the instructors to put the goats on our backs. I wasn’t sore at all. It was only the younger goats that they put on our backs; plus, the yoga wasn’t that difficult.

HC: Were you afraid the goat would poop or pee on you? Did they?

Elizabeth: At first I was a bit hesitant about it, but then I was like, “Oh well!” if they do. We were in their pen, after all. But none of them did, which was really nice. The instructors also warned us that it might happen and that it wouldn’t be a big deal because we could just get a new yoga mat.

HC: Would you recommend goat yoga to a friend? Why?

Elizabeth: I totally would! It was an inexpensive (only $20) and fun way to get out of Eugene and do something that was unique to this area. It was a relaxing, fun way to hang out with some pretty cute animals. Also, the lady leading the yoga was really nice and calming. It was an overall really fun experience!

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Photos Courtesy of Elizabeth Madrieres

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