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Let Down Your Hair!

Remember when your hairdresser couldn’t fit you in, so you went to someone totally new and left looking like a barbarian took a machete to your gorgeous locks? Yeah, I do too, which is why I did an exhausting amount of exploring and research before I tried out a salon here in Eugene. So I come to you this week with excellent news: it’s safe to let down your hair at Novo Salon! Located on 13th street just off of campus, Novo Salon offers what I would consider to be hands down the best diva treatment in Eugene. Although Novo is not for anyone pinching pennies, it’s the perfect place for collegiettes™ who are concerned enough about their ‘do to drop a few bucks. They offer a wide variety of services, including cutting and color services, blow-outs and up-do’s, hair treatments, straightening and perms, and even waxing. For regular customers, Novo’s stylists will even do free walk-in bang trims! How awesome is that?
The atmosphere at Novo is phenomenal and, with retro-chic design and furnishings, makes clients feel classy and sophisticated. To add to the appeal, the stylists and receptionist are a crack up. Everyone is kind, good-natured, friendly, and hilarious. I felt at home instantaneously and very much enjoyed bantering with them all. They establish a great rapport with their clients and are extremely accommodating, which is something I always look for in a good salon.

Featured Stylist: Sarah

Are you edgy and adventurous with your hair? If the answer is yes, I recommend that you fight tooth and nail for an appointment with Sarah (call in advance—she’s booked into eternity!). They don’t call her “Sarah Scissorhands” for nothing! This gal is one hell of a hair ninja; her hands fly, and your hair is perfectly coiffed in a matter of minutes. When I first discovered this chic salon in downtown Eugene, I made an appointment with her because I like to be a little edgier with my hair, sporting fun cuts like A-line bobs and choppy layers. Sarah gave me a flawless asymmetrical A-line bob with just a few snips of her scissors. She is also excellent at coloring. I had my hair dyed and highlighted by her five months ago, and it faded beautifully. The highlights faded nicely too, so that my color continued to look consistent and natural, even after a matter of months. My pockets aren’t exactly heavy with change, so it was a relief that my roots grew out in a way that wasn’t hideous and embarrassing. I highly recommend her for any coloring you’d like done, if you aren’t able to make regular appointments. With Sarah’s skills, you won’t have to worry about gnarly roots or brassy fading!
That being said, I have heard nothing but rave reviews about everyone at Novo. All of their stylists are fashionable, fun, and fantastic, and I can confidently say that you hair will be in good hands no matter what. So, are you ready for the prices? Hold your breath…
Haircut: $45
Full Highlights: $95
            In-Between Color: add $30
Partial Highlights: $75
            In-Between Color: add $30
All-Over Color: $80
Touch-ups (roots only): $60
Lightening Touch-ups (roots only): $80
Shine/Color Gloss: $45
Blow Out: $30
Up-Do: $60-70
Alright ladies, one last thing: if you decide to go to Novo and feel like being particularly awesome, I would totally not object to you dropping my name as a referral!

Enjoy the week, seize the day, and give your lovely locks some TLC!

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