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Charmaine Ng

A University of Oregon junior and San Francisco native, Charmaine Ng loves authentic noodle dishes and will always opt for Asian and Italian cuisine when pressed to choose a restaurant. She is a self-proclaimed "noodler," someone who uses her noodle to collaborate with others and bring big ideas to life. She interns for a student-run full-service ad agency, blogs for a wedding and event planning company, and runs the UO Muggle Quidditch League. In her spare time, she sleeps, and sleeps, and sleeps - and dabbles in social media and blogging, her two biggest passions. Her quirkiness isn't apparent at first, but then she starts talking about packaging design and making funny faces, and you wonder what happened to that shy Asian girl you first met. With ambition bursting beyond the campus walls, Charmaine can't wait to graduate and work for an agency, company, or publication in community outreach efforts using social media.

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