Granola Bars To Go Nuts For

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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RX Bar: You have probably seen these bars all over Instagram. Normally when social media goes crazy over a product I am a little skeptical. But I have got to say, this one is amazing. The flavors are all good and fresh and the texture isn't dry at all. It’s a great size for the morning or post gym snack. They are protein packed and perfect to keep you energized for hours. They are simply made and feature all the ingredients on the front of the packaging. My favorite flavor is chocolate sea salt.

Luna Bar: In my opinion, Luna bars are the perfect breakfast bar because they come in a bunch of different flavors and they have a cereal type texture. They are not dry but they are not protein packed where you feel guilty eating it in the morning. My favorite flavor is lemon zest.

Lara Bar: Just like Luna Bars, Lara bars are amazing because of the variety of flavors. There is truly something out there for everyone and I believe that even a granola bar hater could find a flavor they enjoy. These bars are a similar texture to the RX Bar, yet seem a  tad moister. My favorite flavor is cherry pie.

Zing: I tried this bar for free at a work event last summer. I was so skeptical because I had never seen them anywhere or heard of them but was so beyond pleasantly surprised when it was delicious! These bars are meant to help supply you with protein so I definitely wouldn't recommend snacking too much on these but using them as a way to get in protein after a workout if you are on the go. My favorite flavor is the chocolate covered peanut butter bar with whey protein.

Clif Z Bar: These bars taste like a real cookie. I eat them for breakfast, snacks, and even sometimes late at night. They are smaller and easier to eat than a normal Clif bar. This bar is totally meant for kids but what do I care, I am in college half my meals consist of chicken nuggets and pizza anyways. My favorite flavor is Iced Oatmeal Cookie.