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Do you want extra cash, but simply don’t have time to commit to a full-time work schedule? If you said yes, then Go Commando is the app for you!  It is the very first mobile app made for campus representatives that gives college students access to jobs and internships with great brands.  The app is targeted to smart and ambitious college students who want to stand out in their college communities and get noticed by companies they would love to work for themselves. It’s easy to use and start making money instantly. 

First, you download the task rabbit of student marketing programs from the Campus Commando App. Then, you fill out a quick questionnaire so the app knows what type of a person you are.  The questionnaire includes questions such as “What type of hobbies do you enjoy?” or “What previous jobs have you had?” The app then gives you a ranking on what types of tasks it thinks you will be suitable for based on your answers.  Companies can then see your name show up on a list of similar students on their dashboards and they will select you from your campus to receive a simple marketing task.  When these big brands need representation on campus, they contact the Go Commando Team right away so that they can send these easy, fun tasks straight to students through Go Commando.

Once you receive an alert on your phone, that the task is now available. An example might be to post 100 flyers for a company around campus in which you have 48 hours to complete. Using the Go Commando App, you document your work and send proof to the company through photos, videos etc.  Companies now have a committed student at their fingertips, and in return they will send you reward money directly to your account!

After this, you will move up a level in your skill set on the app.  For example, maybe before you were a level 3 in the marketing area, but after your new task completion you now are a level 4 and have full bragging rights for yourself on social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook.  Thanks to Campus Commando, you can stand out from the crowd!

The Go Commando App is currently building its database, but you can subscribe now and be notified as soon as it takes off by visiting http://gocommandoapp.com/.  You can also follow them on Twitter @GoCommandoApp. The countdown is on!

Sophomore journalism student at the University Of Oregon.
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