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A Day in the Life of a VS Pink Campus Rep

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

VS Pink Rep: Year 2 

I am ecstatic to Rep VS Pink for my final year of college. You can be a Rep for up to two years. I took a break from the program during my junior year because I had plans to study abroad in Spain. Then COVID struck, and I didn’t get to study abroad or Rep Pink. Nonetheless, I continued to stay involved with clubs and organizations like Her Campus, Guayaki Yerba Mate, and Management Leadership for Tomorrow. I also used this time to intern and work towards my professional goals, but when Pink applications launched for the 2021-2022 school year, you can bet I was first in line. I used my time away from Pink to chat with past Reps and learn what tools helped them have a successful Pink school year. I immediately started drafting what I wanted my new Pink experience to look like. I manifested year 2 as a Rep! 

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Free Perks + Brand Responsibility 

I am super excited to jump back into the social media world and work with a brand like Pink. Being a Pink Rep is so much more than receiving Pink perks because you have an entire community of college women who are just as passionate about the brand. Of course, you get free goodies, but you also have the opportunity to bring awareness to import social issues. Top performing schools receive incentive trips and additional special goodies. Some Reps even get chosen to participate in campaign shoots and be the face of the brand. You have the opportunity to create content for Pink and see yourself in email blasts, social posts, or even at your nearest Pink store. 

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What do you actually do as a Pink Rep? 

There are many answers to this question, but the three main tasks are social media activation, event planning, and working with VS Pink Marketing. 

Social Media:

  • You get to run the Pink page at your university with your co-Rep. You have the creative freedom to curate your IG’s aesthetic. From presets to how often you post, you can have the opportunity to cultivate the Pink Insta of your dreams. 

Event Planning:

  • Pink will provide you with an event prompt every 2-3 weeks, and you have the creativity to host an event on or off-campus. For example, Pink wanted us to celebrate Women Empowerment Day, so we decided to showcase our Pink Campus Team. We treated them to a hot yoga class and post-workout snacks at Nektar. We made them Pink goodie bags filled with Pink products. From hosting a front-lawn panty frenzy to renting an outside movie theater for students, Pink Reps get creative when it comes to events.

VS Pink Marketing:

  • As a Rep, you get access to an exclusive Pink Rep App. You download this on your phone to communicate with VS Pink’s Marketing channels through surveys. This is also an area where you can submit all of your content for the chance to be featured. Pink uses photos from the gallery section to post on their IG website and sometimes recruits Reps to model for campaigns. You’ll also see what other Reps submit, which is a great way to gather inspo. 

Her Campus Media Design Team

Although Pink Reps are known to be social media savvy, don’t worry because as a Rep, you receive a 3-day intense training. Pink Brand Training is coming up in July, and I can’t wait to share all that Oregon Pink has in store for our students. Follow us @OregonPink on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all things VS PINK.

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