Campus Profile: Katie Mayhew

Name: Katie Mayhew

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-Business

Hometown: Clayton, California


So you’re a Leo, do you identify with your star sign and follow your horoscope?

I’m definitely a Leo through and through. It’s actually kind of scary how accurate descriptions are because 90% of the time they describe my personality spot on. I don’t keep up with my horoscope daily, but every once in awhile when I have the time I like to check it out and see where I’m at with the stars.   

What’s been your favorite memory at UO?


One of my favorite memories here was when we went on the roof of McKenzie for the first time. It was a super chill day, nothing really going on, but just hanging out with good people in a good atmosphere.



If you were design you own music festival, where would it be and who would headline?


My music festival would be in the city of Luosto located in Northern Finland because it’s one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis. As of now I’d want the Common Kings to headline.


What’s your go to after class snack?


My favorite go to snack is the pineapple from LLC, but it has to be the good stuff, I don’t go for the pale slices. The brighter the better for sure.


If you were a flower, what type would you be and why?


If I were a flower I’d either be a plumeria because one of the things it symbolizes is positivity or a sunflower because I can’t look at one and be grumpy.