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Campus Celebrity: Rachelle Youngs

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Planning Public Policy and Management 

Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon

Rachelle Youngs isn’t just your everyday college student. As a current sophomore at the University of Oregon, she’s working as a freelance makeup artist and is already taking the steps to accomplish her dream.

HCO: How did you first become interested in doing people's makeup?

RY: When I was little, I had one of those Barbie heads that you could put makeup on and play around with, and I was practically obsessed with it. I remember always putting all of my different eye shadows and lipsticks on the Barbie and I honestly think that’s where it all started.

HCO: What do you hope to do with your makeup skills in the future?

RY: My dream job would be to ultimately start my own cosmetic line and become the CEO of my own makeup company. 

HCO: What are you currently doing with makeup in regards to working towards your dream?

RY: I am a freelance makeup artist for Bobby Brown which has actually been a really great experience! It’s allowed me to work with people of all different ages and ethnicities and from that I feel like I’ve just become a lot stronger as a makeup artist. 

HCO: Have you done makeup work for any special events?

RY: Yes, yes, yes! I’ve done makeup for bridesmaids at weddings, girls getting their senior pictures done, and also girls going to school dances such as homecoming and prom!

HCO: What kinds of makeup work have you done here specifically in Eugene? 

RY: On Halloween I set up my own little makeup salon in my bedroom and I helped people complete their Halloween costumes by doing all of this crazy makeup on them. I got to do all sorts of fun makeup like a sugar skull, some deer, a mermaid, a zombie, and even a couple Avatars!

HCO: What are three makeup items you think every girl should have?

RY: I think everyone should have a good concealer, a brightening blush and a pretty lipstick. 

HCO: What is your favorite makeup trend?

RY: Bold lips, definitely. I believe that adding a bold lip can really define your whole style and it can also help you transition your look from day to night!

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