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Artist to Watch: Sad13

Artist to Watch: Sad13


            How tired are you of listening to the same songs every weekend before you and your friends hit the streets of Eugene? It’s awesome listening to the classics or your favorite jams, but do you remember that feeling of discovering a new artist and blasting their songs until you knew them by heart? Why not turn up Sad13, an east coast native, and jam out this weekend to songs that empower women, not tear them down. Sad13, aka Sadie Dupuis, is an eccentric soul that musically shines into the feminist goddess role of the 21st century. Her songs embody how bad-ass it is to be a woman, how much depth we have, and she serves it up in pop/indie ballads that get the room moving.

            Sadie decided to push the pen to paper, vocals to the microphone, and fingers to guitar when she flat out killed an entire album in just two week’s time. Sad13, like the real bad-ass she is, recorded and produced everything herself. This one women effort was fueled by an incredible sense of feminism and burning passion for all things creative. Go beyond on your favorite artist’s song the next time you hear it. Who produced the song? Who wrote it? Did your beloved artist have truly any contribution? When you turn up Sad13, and I highly recommend you do, you’ll not only hear such an indie/retro vibe to her beat, but you’ll be able to understand and listen to the complete rawness that accompanies her lyrics. Sad13 defies the huge industrial music corporations and takes us into the mind of her music; the way real, authentic music should.

            The most innovative thing that sets Sadie apart from other solo artists is each song is a completely varied genre of music. “Less than 2” has an alternative melody and musical tone. Whereas “Get A Yes” swings on a more pop-indie level. Despite a radically cool vibe from each song. Her message and meaning stay true in each chorus. She stands true to the unique feminist she is and she is fantastically unapologetic for it.

            Her new record, “Slugger” will be released November 11th, 2016. Take it from me, someone who is always on the lookout for new music, you will definitely not be disappointed. From one feminist to another, she’s rad. From one music lover to another, her songs are seriously unlike anything you’ve heard on the radio; and that’s beyond a good thing.






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